Episode 12

Interview with John Marx, Developing Resilience Among First Responders Show Notes: We are so lucky to have John Marx with us for this episode. John has a lifetime of service, 23 years as a police officer in Colorado who now works as an educator and advocate for the responder community. I know him from our work in ResponderStrong, an organization...[ read more ]

Episode 11

Settling into Stability Show Notes: In this episode, Tim shares his story of settling into his new life in Denver at 19. Coming from the stress of his family, learning to just be a student came slowly, but it helped him learn how to enjoy stability and how to leave space for happiness.

Episode 10

Fatherhood - A Interview with Child Therapist Jeff Silverman Show Notes: Jeff and I chat about how he knew he wanted to work with children, how fatherhood has impacted him, and how we often see fathers struggle in our work. If you're in the Denver area and are looking for a therapist for your child, Jeff is a great resource....[ read more ]

Episode 9

Using Fear to Get Up and Off the Mat Show Notes: In our 9th episode, I share the story of coming back to Denver after college. This was a dark time in my life because, like many folks, college did not lead to the future I had planned on. I came back to find my friends moving on, a job...[ read more ]

Episode 8

Blast From the Past - A Interview with Rick Blodgett Show Notes: Rick Blodgett, a friend from my college days, is switching careers into the helping profession. He will not be in practice for a few years as he's in the middle of his degree program, but he shared a great insight into life. We had a lot of fun...[ read more ]


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