Find a better road.

Empowered Change is here to help people find the skills, awareness, and tools they need to navigate the transitions life throws at them.  Whether you are someone who recently had a major change in your life (divorce, career change, getting married, or graduating) or  someone wanting to make a change, this practice is here to help.


Our Mission:

Provide guidance to skill acquisition, education, and awareness needed to build more fulfilling lives, careers, and stronger communities.


About Me

Timothy A. Wienecke – MA, LPC, LAC

I have spent the last two decades learning with and helping people navigate the hard times life throws at us. I have served as an advocate, representative, Airman, Sergeant, mentor, organizer, educator, and counselor. I will use my experience, passion, and education to  empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to find the best way forward.

Find My Office

2727 Bryant St. Suite 510 Denver, CO 80211
(720) 443-1278